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Sending Strings over Internet

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Hello people.
I would like some help, please.
I need to make a simple application (Or two), where I place one application on my computer, and another on some other computer far away. Then I wish to have the ability to send a string from the application on my computer over the Internet, and the other computer receives this string. It only has to be one way. I don't want the other computer to have to install anything but the application.

Please explain to me the easiest way to do this.
I'm not a network programmer, so keep it simple, please.

Use HTTP protocol. It works everywhere and typically doesn't need firewall to be configured.
I used Indy library with Delphi but it is said to be buggy with FPC, so you could look at the other choices.


I recommend you to use Synapse or lNet library. Synapse is more powerful, but lNet is easier to use, so I think it would be better for you. Both of them don't need external files and allow sending and receiving data by raw sockets or HTTP protocol. In my opinion it's better to use raw TCP sockets to transfer a string. Here you can find basic information about usage of sockets in lNet.

Thank you, I'm glad someone replied.
Problem is, I attempted to download and install LNet, and I followed the instructions. It came up with an error saying it can't find LNet used by Unit lnetbase. Any ideas on why this happened?

Oh no, it's alright. It's rebuilding Lazarus now, I made a stupid mistake. I tried to install it from Downloads. Failure.
Thanks for your help and links :)


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