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(SOLVED) Is there anybody using FTP client (Indy ou Lnet)

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What widgetset are you using with lNet/Lazarus? Are you using "visual" (the ones placed on form in visual editor) lNet components?

If you're using the cocoa/carbon widgetsets lNet will not register network events. I don't own a mac and virtualbox still doesn't work properly with hackintosh so I can't make carbon interface hookup into lNet. If this is your case you must use the "non-visual" (TLTcp etc.) components directly from the lNet/lftp units and make a .CallAction call when possible to "look for events" on the sockets. (you can use a timer for this for example, or OnIdle).

It's not the best solution on a visual project, but it'll work.

As I said, I succed in making Lnet working. I don't use visual components because my processud is a daemon.

The problem was that i forgot the OnControl trigger. Now the OnReceive fires when I call CallAction.



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