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can't find ShellAPI

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I just installed Ubuntu and Lazarus, but while compiling a project, I receive a message telling me the following: unit1.pas(8,4) Fatal: Can't find unit shellapi used by Unit1.
Please tell me how to fix that

ShellApi is wrapping a windows DLL shell32.dll.
It does not exist on Linux.

is there a similar one that is multi-platform ?


--- Quote from: Linkos on June 18, 2010, 04:46:46 pm ---is there a similar one that is multi-platform ?

--- End quote ---
No, there's none.

if you're using ShellExecute for opening files, then there are 2 replacements for them in Lazarus.
1) if you need to open URLs, you can use OpenURL()
2) if you need to open a document by OS default application: OpenDocument()
both functions are declared at LCLIntf

Note: OpenURL and OpenDocument are only available on version 0.9.30 (yet unreleased). You can download the SVN version to use them.


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