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How to Create my own Web Broser...


I'm new with Lazatus and I'm new in programming :P

The issue is that for my project I need to make an application that only has 2 things.
1 - An embedded web browser. What it does is display a url that tells in the source code and not shows urlbar. This is to display advertisements and news from my page before execute an external application. Thishtml I will post in my Internet server.
2- A button that runs an external application. (.exe)

The idea is that before you open the external application yo can see my announcements in  for example: Only this url!
I leave a Screen of the idea with an image of igoogle only to serve as a graphical example.
Thank you very much.
Sory for my english :)

We actually have some web browser components (Gecko, THtmlPort, etc.), but...I'm not sure I can be of much help if you are new to programming (new to Lazarus is fine). For no. 2, you can check our wiki on how to execute external programs with TProcess.


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