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Ipro TipHtmlPanel problems witl language localization


I have the following problem

I am using Lazarus on WInXP SP3 CZ and I would like to use TIpHtmlPanel to show html help for my application. But I have encountered following error when I was trying to show other characters than just ISO 8859-1 - any other characters unknown to the 8859-1 standard are not displayed correctly. Instead something like ??? or so is displayed (in matter of fact I have to use either ISO 8859-2 or Win-1250). I am sure there is some problem with default font/character encoding (the TipHtmlPanel component could not find correct font/encoding and drops to default). I have tried to solve this but I could not find the proper settings in TIpHtmlPanel properties.

Could anyone tell me please where I have to look for these settings? Thanks.


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