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By "<your fpc installation dir>" he means you must write your fpc installation directory path here, and by "<fpc version>" he means the full version number of your compiler.

For example, on my system (GNU/Linux) I should write;

--- Code: ---make all install INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr/lib CPU_TARGET=i386

--- End code ---
And the directory where I'll find the "ppccross386" executable would be /usr/lib/fpc/2.4.0.

If you're using another operating system and/or fpc version you must use different values.

I have not explained properly, by which path should I run the command?

/usr/lib/lazarus ?
/usr/lib/fpc ?

From where?

The source path. If you extract it in /usr/share/fpcsrc, then you should run it from there

Then do so, I installed lazarus on ubuntu 10.04 and is located in /usr/lib/ lazaru the folder where I have and link lazarus-ide (a In /usr/share/fpcsrc I have the following folder 2.4.0.

Where do I go to run the command? How parameterize?

open a terminal, cd to that folder, then type the command I gave above.


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