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error ZVDateTimeCtrls when compile in windows



--- Quote ---Recompiling ZVDateTimePicker, checksum changed for System
zvdatetimepicker.pas(9,58) Fatal: Can't find unit ZVDateTimePicker used by Ufrmnocierre

--- End quote ---

I compile perfect in lazarus-ubuntu but in lazarus-windows received this messages.

any idea about this?

I can't reproduce this problem with 0.9.29, svn rev. 25960.
I tested with win32 and Qt widgetsets. Which version of Lazarus do you use?

i use Lazarus 0.9.29  25939  06/06/2010  i386-win32/win32-win64

I have no idea what this message means.

Maybe you should try uninstalling the package, recompiling Lazarus and then install it again. If that does not help, maybe you should try something like this:

First delete the Lazarus config directory (which is probably C:\Documents and settings\<your user name>\Local Settings\Application Data\lazarus - note that this is hidden path) - you can make backup first.
Either - update Lazarus from svn, recompile it with "make clean all" and then compile it with the package.
OR - download and install new daily snapshot, add the package and recompile.

BTW, make sure you are using version 1.2 of the package.

problem solved with
add  file editor to project

and everithing working fine



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