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Loading bmp resources


A small component converted from Delphi uses a resource file to load a bitmap. I used lazres to add the bitmap to a resource file but the project compile fails when I add the following line:

{$R rulertab.lrs}

The errors are:

windres... not found (repeated 12 times)
windres'' not found, switching to external mode

Version #0.9.29
Date: 2010-05-17
FPC version 2.4.0
SVN revision 25472
i386-darwin-carbon (beta)

Hoping someone can help out a new Lazarus user. I tried several times before to use Lazarus for Mac development but this time I have projects running so I hope to stay with it. I am a long time user of Delphi.

Dave Peters
DP Software

{$I ...}
Don't forget "uses LResources"

Thanks very much - it's working now. I missed the change from $R to $I


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