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HDF5 (Hierarchical Data Format) interface unit


mas steindorff:
I'm researching what it will take to create HDF5 files in pascal.

1: Has anyone who has worked with this file format have any advise?

2: Does anyone know of any (pascal) code writen for this file format?

My prelimary research shows there may be a few DLLs writen for jave and C that may save me from writing a full binary file driver.  I've used windows DLLs for disk level access calls.

3: Is there anything I sould be aware of that is differant for C level DLL?

Thank You.

mas steindorff:
I guess the lack of replies to this post is an answer in it self  :'(


mas steindorff:

Thank You Theo! These files are for HDF4 (version 4) but they give me a good starting point! ;D 

You are truly a Hero member.


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