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Component for tiled or resizable graphic background?

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Is there some component that can give a panel or some other panel like component. sub as a page control tab,  a background bitmap that will resize, or tile itself when the panel is resized?

Does a TImage work, where Align is set to alClient and Stretch to true?


--- Quote from: eny on June 02, 2010, 05:52:18 am ---Does a TImage work, where Align is set to alClient and Stretch to true?

--- End quote ---

I think that will be better handled by the OnResize event if it is enabled for TImage. The important thing for me is that it remains permanently the lowest object in the Z-order, and that it can contain other objects. Is that possible?

mas steindorff:
I did what I think your doing back in the D5 days.  I found the differant objects and shapes on top of the image did not scale by the same % when I used the form resize.  I finaly just used the menu so the user could select one of 5 or so preset sizes.  I did not, however, have the "anchors" properties to help Keep the proper alinement of each control on the image so it may now be doable.

PS: if you have not tought of it yet, a loop working with the controlcount and controls[] fields can save you a lot of coding time.  If you need an example, I'll see if I can find any of those older projects

I have ported the TJanTiledPanel for tiled images to lazarus available on



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