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Lnet Chmod via TLFTPClientComponent



I work with lnet, but I do not see how to change the chmod in ftp a file, if anyone could help me.

Thank you in advance


I just found the solution I give in case it will help other people.

--- Quote ---FTP.SendMessage('SITE CHMOD 755 ' + LabelNameExe.Caption + #13#10);
--- End quote ---

Good day

CHmod wasn't aadded to the FTP commands list yet so yes, the easiest way to do it is to send the commandstring directly. I'll expand the commands for CHMOD and others file operations in 0.7.x :)

You can temporarily also do it by modifying TLFTPClient.EvaluateAnswer + adding the required enum and procedure for issueing the command. Then lNet will take care of the reply as well and hold the status in the state machine.


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