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Winunits example


is there an example project
for winunits Active X (ocx)

does it use these
These files

And please could i have a better awnser than
recommend using Delphi
I want to know how to do In Lazarus

i hope somebody can tell me Where i can find an example project
of a Lazarus Form like this
|  _________     |
|  | Active X |   |
|  |   Here    |   |
|  |________|   |

or tell me how to make it myself
i am a new to Lazarus
my Active X is something like this


please help

You are asking the same question for weeks now.
I think most of what can be said about this is said here:

I recommended using delphi.

Maybe the FPC developers know more.
Try here:

Many of us are cross platform programmers and don't use platform specific features except when necessary. You better find a Delphi example, try converting it yourself, and when stuck, post the code here.

Use Delphi - believe me. You will not want to know all this what is going on behind the scenes and I do not want to remember.

The import process of Delphi is something that was not invented by Borland - this is as it is from MS (evolution of MIDL). Usually when using an OCX/Active X Control which is somehow the same requires you to bind and link.

Check the web for using OCX with C or using Active X with C ....

Honestly I have no idea how to make it interact with the Form. In the 4GL world there usually exist special containers for handling Events and visual aspects of the Active X control ... A Delphi Form know how to handle Active X. If you go into the VCL you will see. The VCL is cabable of Active X. It is not just a button.

Usually in such cases, takte the .dll behind and integrate the control this way - usually there is an underlying C/C++ .dll.



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