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Can you embed the adobe flash player into a lazarus .exe

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So I am having a lazarus application built that is going to show some flash .sfw files. It would be great if I could embed the flash player inside the lazarus .exe so that for those that do not have the flash player, they do not need to install flash.

Can this be done through a lazarus application !

My first post here, so Hi guys, nice to meet you all.

Hi kc1043, Wellcome to Lazaru's Forum; about your question, I don't know about flash and lazarus, but maybe the next post help you.

that post is useful, thanks, but it does not help me to answer the question. does any know ?

I know that with Macromedia Flash 8 you could create kinda .exe files, so possibily its posible still now, maybe you can add it as a resource and load it depending on the request, but don't know other solutions

Ok, my final bump for this post. So no one knows huh


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