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BufDataset and LoadFromStream problem

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Lazarus 0.9.29 snapshot (using to address other issues with dbgrid), windows xp, SP-3.

I have a peice of delphi code which I have migrated to lazarus. The Lazarus code is to load the 'fields' in a .CSV file to a BufDataset, the code crashes on 'LoadfromStream' with the following error message:

"the data stream format is not recognised".

The executed code is

   F := TFileStream.Create(FileName, fmOpenRead);
   S := TMemoryStream.Create;

      S.SetSize(F.Size + 2);
      P := S.Memory;
      Move(CrLf[1], P^, 2);
      Inc(P, 2);
      F.ReadBuffer(P^, F.Size);
      MT.LoadFromStream(S, dfAny); 

The file contains one line of text '123,"test description","F","T"'.
After the ReadBuffer P contains  '123,"test description","F","T"r'.

Looking at the code in Bufdataset.  and Bufdataset.TFpcBinaryDatapacketReader.RecognizeStream shows the code doing some strange things where it compares

#13#10'123,"test d' against FpcBinaryIdent = 'BinBufDataset';

this fails and it is all down hill from there.......

Any ideas, solutions, explanation, examples of using a LoadFromStream with BufDataset appreciated.

thanks, Ian. 

LoadFromStream uses by default a binary format. You can add more formats by adding more formatter-units.

There is currently no formatter for csv files, but you can use the xml-format that Delphi's TClientDataset also uses by default. Add the 'xmldatapacketreader' to your program and it will recognize Delphi's xml format.

I'd use TSdfDataSet.


Thanks for the responses.

May I ask why use 'TSdfDataSet' ?????


TSdfDataset can define commas as separator, like csv format. It's very simple.


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