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ExtPascal with GUI in action!

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Just to inform everybody that ExtPascal is still alive and kicking. To have intraweb-like development using Lazarus is now possible.

Check this out:

We know that this project is still far from perfect. If you're interested to this framework, please come and join our project.

Visit us at:

Also, you may want to check these out:

- ExtPascal samples
- FishFactDemo as in Delphi
- classes documentation
- other video tutorials
- and, ExtPascal discussion group

Help us making FPC/Lazarus also as tool for web app development, especially for RIA (rich internet app). Everybody is welcomed.

Thank you.

Looks fantastic!!; I'll test some examples.  :)

I've been following the developments of ExtPascal for a while now & I want to commend you for the good job you're doing.

It would by good to have some web GUI compatible with LCL something simillar to IntraWeb. Just no need to know anything about ajax, javascript, css, html, etc. a be abe to build good web applications. Simply to have pure pascal components and get high productivity. But nothing is so perfect and ExtJS have their limits. Creating own derived components require high level of knowledge of javascript and other web standards.

Anyway I intent to try to create some CRM web application and ajax controls and interactive interface is desired. So I have to put more effort to learn how to properly use ExtPascal with lazarus.

@JD: I'm not the author of ExtPascal. I'm just a fan :D and l want this project to get well known, both in pascal world and web programming world. The main author is Wanderlan.

@chronos: Nothing is perfect. ;) In the hello world demo above, I'm using ExtPascal with ExtP GUI toolkit. ExtP toolkit (by Phil Hess) is ExtPascal extension to feature RAD UI design through Lazarus IDE. Its component isn't yet complete, there are still many ExtJS controls not yet provided. That's why I invite everybody who is interested to web programming using pascal to join and help this project. :)


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