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VirtualTree 4.8.6 compile error, Laz 0.9.29


Lazarus Version: #0.9.29
FPC: 2.5.1
SVN: 25556

Machine: Windows Vista, Service Pack 2.

Package was not compiled and installed unless I commented out the following lines in procedure
TBaseVirtualTree.WMContextMenu, VirtualTrees unit,  (at line ~ 15240):

--- Code: ---procedure TBaseVirtualTree.WMContextMenu(var Message: TLMContextMenu);

// This method is called when a popup menu is about to be displayed.
// We have to cancel some pending states here to avoid interferences.

  {$ifdef DEBUG_VTV}Logger.EnterMethod([lcMessages],'WMContextMenu');{$endif}
  DoStateChange([], [tsClearPending, tsEditPending, tsOLEDragPending, tsVCLDragPending]);

  //if not (tsPopupMenuShown in FStates) then
    //inherited WMContextMenu(Message);
  {$ifdef DEBUG_VTV}Logger.ExitMethod([lcMessages],'WMContextMenu');{$endif}
--- End code ---

Commented out:

--- Code: ---//if not (tsPopupMenuShown in FStates) then
    //inherited WMContextMenu(Message);
--- End code ---

Please anyone, How critical is this? How it can be fixed?


I had the same problem & I was advised to do the following

Comment out the following line of VirtualTrees.pas

--- Code: ---  TLMContextMenu = TLMMouse;

--- End code ---

After I did that, it worked!  :D


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