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Hi There,
 Ref:   Lazarus Database Tutorial
 Using Win32 - the WINXP_SP2 OS.
 The Mysql server duly installed, database created, and all required user
 access and privileges established.
 Installed Lazarus and FPC.
Are THE MYSQL DEVELOPMENT LIBRARIES installed as part of the Win32 binary distribution?
 I can't find the following items referenced in the tutorial in the Win32
    1. FPdev,
    2. testdb.pp
 How do I handle this?
 Someone please give a nice hard push in the right direction.

FPdev is a table which will be created if you run the mkdb script. This will be a bit difficult fpr you as it is a linux shell script. What you could do is run the SQL statements it contains from the MySQL commander.
You wil find this file in [Lazarus dir]/fpcsrc/packages/base/mysql directory.
Under windows you don't need to worry about the development libraries.

The testdb.pp you will find in the same directory. Actually two versions, testdb3.pp and testdb4.pp, one for MySQL 3.2x and the other for MySQL 4.x


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