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OpenPoker Conversion from Delphi

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--- Quote from: marcov on May 16, 2010, 02:03:19 pm ---
--- Quote ---GR32_D6.bpl

--- End quote ---

I'm not sure about GR32, but if it is what I think, it is portable to Lazarus, but only to win32.

--- End quote ---

Quite the contrary, I have already done a free lancer job in which I ported GR32 to LCL-Carbon, because a company wanted to port a Delphi software to Mac OS X.

I did some testing with Gtk2 and it should be really extremely hard, because Gtk2 is so near the X11 design, which is very much he opposite of the GR32 design. LCL-Qt could be doable.

Well, I guess another very important question would be to which Operating Systems are you trying to port?

and another one: Do you want to keep it compatible with Delphi?

My idea about the controls:

--- Quote ---GR32_D6.bpl
--- End quote ---


--- Quote ---mxOutlookBar_D6.bpl

BS Morph Button
--- End quote ---

You should get rid of these ones.

--- Quote ---RegExp
--- End quote ---

FPC has regular expression support, but I don't know if the API is compatible.

--- Quote ---TrayIcon (CoolTrayIcon)
--- End quote ---

Lazarus has a TTrayIcon class which should be mostly compatible.

Thanks for the interest in the thread.  I'm not tied to Delphi in any way. All comparable items that can be used in Lazarus we can most certainly use.

I'm targeting Windows, Linux and Mac.  First priority is Windows.  I'm really just trying to decouple myself from the VCL components and .bpl plugins in Delphi.  It looks like you've had good success with GR32.  That's a big part of the program. I also agree with the turfing of those other components. Most of them aren't even around anymore and are outdated.  Lazarus can replace those items.

So, from what you've seen so far, where do you think the bottlenecks will be? I know, it's always the GUI but are there any other roadblocks you can foresee? Again, thanks for taking the time to look at this.

Could someone let me know roughly how long conversions like this take?  I'd like to price out the project and create a time-line.  I'm getting the feeling from the above discussion that this is doable.  Would I be in our out of bounds by looking to spend around US$ 2,500 - 3,500 for this project?


--- Quote from: quasimotoca on May 17, 2010, 04:12:04 pm ---Could someone let me know roughly how long conversions like this take?

--- End quote ---
2-3 months


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