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KOL-CE New Proje Compile Error | Help Me Pls.
« on: May 12, 2010, 10:55:13 am »
I've installed Kol-ce component package in component menu correctly.
when i've installed, KOL has shown whic is the menu : File > New > KOL Application Click .
i saw the new form. It appears in Kolproject and Kolform.
i save the project then i would compile but when i'd compile, this error message appears : Identifier Not Fount "TKOLProject
When i look in the unit, i realized that such lines are not in formed: { KOL MCK } {$DEFINE KOL_MC} {$IFDEF FPC}{$MODE delphi}{$ENDIF}
this program was created that lines in the old project
could you anybody tell me what i must do about this situation?


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