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xml data bindings for lazarus

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There are two units that do not exist in lazarus, XMLDoc.pas and XMLIntf.pas
this unit as the main framework in the wizard XMLDataBinding,
I try to copy it to lazarus, but other issues arise when there is no interface at DOM.pp something like IDOMNode = interface (IInterface)

hmmm .. :( :(
maybe i should create it manually, but it would be better if there is such a tool in lazarus.

or maybe later if there is time I will help



Delphi's XML Data Binding is based on MSXML which is a COM object. As you know, Lazarus is a crossplatform utility so Lazarus version would be without Microsoft's implementation of DOM model.

Even if you would like to do this to work only under Windows there are problems (as far as I know) with COM interfaces in FPC. The reason is again the same - COM is Microsoft's technology thus not crossplatform which concludes in very little support of COM's in FPC. (Despite the fact that some number of useres would want to use this possibility.)

In other words, this could be definitely done but without COM dependencies. 

I am working on linux.

thanks you


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