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lazarus webbrowser control to login and search strings on webpage

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All the examples show how to open local html files can I open www dot google dot com?

I've looked at Indy , and Lnet to do the http requests but am failing.  can't get indy installed and Lnet examples crash with error creating SSL CTX.

What I want to do is make a program that scrapes the text off of a webpage like a text based browser.

So with it I should be able to log into my yahoo html based email account and scrape information off the page and notify me if I've got new mail.

Is shelling out or tprocess the browser and redirecting the page back to my program the way to do this?


--- Quote ---Lnet examples crash with error creating SSL CTX.
--- End quote ---
What version do you use? I used to get that too but I forgot what I change so that it doesn't crash. Try using the fresh 0.6.4.

lnetbase 0.6.4
lnetvisual 0.6.4

fpc 2.2.4
lazarus beta

windows xp

Just installed openssl and it compiles and runs now.  I wanted a stand alone program can I still do this with lnet?

ok finally settled on gecko it's very much like vb's webbrowser control once it's up and working.  I'm now looking for the commands to fill out the form for logging into the email then check if word or string is on page.  So search for email and see if text after mail is >=1  Any ideas?



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