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TMemo selection after focus loss

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OK.  I downloaded the latest from trunk (0.9.29) and I see there is now a HideSelection property.  I tried setting the property in the object browser and in code.  I tested the value with a showmessage and see it is set to false.  But it does not seem to work for me (testing under Windows).  When the tmemo loses focus, the selection disappears.

Indeed, the feature got broken...

Now that's a catch 22. You have no choice but to use the daily snapshot, but the daily snapshot is broken... (snapshots are explicitly marked as having a high risk of getting broken)

anyway, will be fixed in tomorrows snapshot. (or svn right now)

Or if you do not want to wait, apply below patch:

--- Code: ---Index: win32wsstdctrls.pp
--- win32wsstdctrls.pp (revision 25364)
+++ win32wsstdctrls.pp (revision 25365)
@@ -1249,6 +1249,8 @@
       Flags := Flags or ES_AUTOHSCROLL;
     if ACustomMemo.BorderStyle = bsSingle then
       FlagsEx := FlagsEx or WS_EX_CLIENTEDGE;
+    if not ACustomMemo.HideSelection then
+      Flags := Flags or ES_NOHIDESEL;
     pClassName := @EditClsName[0];
     WindowTitle := StrCaption;

--- End code ---

Pulled from SVN.  Works fine now thanks.


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