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TImageList (win32)


The TImageList component will not work under win32. In the bug report are 5 reports about this (454, 594, 654, 790, 847). It is the same problem always. I don't know where is the bug and how write a patch. Perhaps there is anybody, who knows what is happening before lazarus crashed. Please tell is here or in the mailing list. So it will be updated soon, I hope so...

I spotted the location of the bug. or at least the line where the error occurs.

The error occurs at

fLV.Selected:= AListitem;   in 'imagelisteditor.pas'

someone with good experience in Object Pascal should look into it; I'm not experienced enough.

I find the same bug. Is nobody there, how can help? Or are there only user like me, which don't understand the source code enough to find the problem?

the point is that  fLV.Selected:= AListitem is not the problem.
It only causes a crash in win32. As a workaround you can change the line to AListitem.Selected := True but that wouldn't solve the error underneath it.


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