Author Topic: Can'ty get the TMainMenu component to display on the form on MAC OS  (Read 6574 times)


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Just wondering if anyone ever had trouble getting the TMainMenu to show a "file,save,exit" pull down menu.  Everything on my application seems to work but I can't get the Main Menu to display.  The Menu editor displays but double clicking does not do anything.  Any help here would be appreciated.

Do you have to write an action to display when the form is activated?



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You have previously asked in PM about an endianess problem, the wiki page should answer it with the correct define name:

You have also previously asked about binary for x86 and powerpc. Yes, you need to create one binary for each processor + operating combination, so it's one binary for PowerPC - Mac OS X and another one for x86 - Mac OS X. Luckly you can combine both into a so called "Universal Binary", as described here:

About your menu issue, I don't know, for me it just works in my Mac OS X 10.6 with latest Lazarus SVN.

When posting questions you should always give the following information too: Operating System version, FPC Version, Lazarus Version, Processor Architecture. This may help find what the problem it.

Also the sentence "The Menu editor displays but double clicking does not do anything." is rather vague. Where are you double clicking and what did you expect the double click to do?


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I am using a MAC OSX 10.58, Leopard, on a PowerPC ibookG4.  You cannot upgrade to Snow Leopard, 10.6, because it requires an Intel processor.  I don't have the money right now to get a new machine, or a used Intel desktop.

The double clicking came from the Delphi 2006 book I use as a reference and it says to double click in the editor and the Menu will appear on the design surface. When I did this menu under windows, I just made my tabs, Open, Save, Exit, and made sure the properties were visible and enabled, and the menu displayed.  However, with the MAC nothing happens.  I am using buttons for now until this is solved. 

I am using Lazarus version beta, FPC 2.2.4,SVN 22296, powerpc-darwin-carbon(beta).  I guess I should check to see if there is a more recent SVN but this problem does not seem to be one that would be still be extant.

Maybe you could tell what you do other than just plunk the TMainMenu componet down, double click it to bring up your editor, work on the Tab captions, hints, and properties.  Do you have assign it an action to get it to display?  I must be missing something just too simple. (In many cases the MAC is so simple to do something makes it more complicated--at least for the user.  The developer seems to have the reverse situation. )




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Certainly, you won't expect the MainMenu to appear directly on the form. Mac OS provides a central menu bar on the top of the screen (outside of your main form). This is the place to look for the main menu.
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