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mysql 4 component #3


# mysql is hardcoded read-only in fpc ! see mysqldb4.pas ( win32 Linux )

function TMySQLDataset.GetCanModify: Boolean;
   Result := False;

ok  it is  "fpc bug" .
I changed it  to :    Result := True;

I recompiled lazarus 9.7 for win32 ( lazarus 9.6 for win32 crashes with mysql4 component )  with mysql4 component and then realized that no inserting editing etc could be successfully completed using DBGrid.
Is it  "lazarus bug"   ?

#2 maybe super,hiper developer version of libmysql.dll exists ,  that is in  possesion of lazarus developer team,
 I've tried almost all   form version 4.0.1 to 4.0.24 at  and I'm sure that

- mysqclient.dll doesn't exist
- not libmysql.dll but libmysqld.dll contains  entry  "mysql_server_init"  

- many functions declared in mysql4_com.pp mysql4.pp have not corresponding entries neither in libmysqld.dll nor libmysql.dll eg.
  function my_net_write
  function net_real_write
  function my_net_read
 and many others

After commenting out all  that functions and rebuilding lazarus it is possible to connect to server, browse tables in DBGrid  using mysql4 component
but see #1
investigation is to be continued

I have the same problem. I can't compile lazarus with MySQL 4 with Windows.
Please HELP!!!

Same problem


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