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Whats a great way to learn GUI programming.


captian jaster:
im reading essential delphi. but i dont know half of the things i see on the top of lazarus. ive been experimenting with some small things but wanna move up... whats a good place to learn GUI in pascal?

From my experience: through experiments, examples on web (or under examples folder), and asking in forums and mailing lists.

Just set yourself a task. I learned by wanting an electronic logbook for my glider flying.
Trying to program that gave me many problems and questions, which one by one were all sorted out by experimenting, reading and asking in this forum.
My experience is that looking at examples is nice but once they get difficult you tend to leave them alone, whereas making your own program forces you to continue no matter how hard it gets. You want to get your program working and that motivates you just that little bit extra to go on when things get tough.


It's really quite simple. The application GUI is made up of visual elements = controls. Each of these controls has properties and associated events. As a user, you interact with your application GUI by triggering events. The easiest event to grasp is a mouse click on the control.

Once you have triggered an event the control "responds" to it by running the procedure that you created for that event & control. For example, you can simply provide some feedback -- ShowMessage('You clicked me!'); -- or you can transfer data from one control to another -- e.g., from a TEdit to a TMEmo: Memo1.Lines.Add(Edit1.Text);

The main properties and available events for a control are listed in the object inspector.

captian jaster:
thnx guys. this is so cool.


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