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GoColSizing / GoRowSizing doesn't work without fixed columns and rows?


Why??? What I'm doing wrong?

Nothing, supposedly resizing a column requires at least one fixed row, because it's in between two fixed cells where you put the mouse pointer and start the resize action. However in Lazarus there is a grid property that could help in this case as it allows col sizing all along the column height. Use it like this:

--- Code: ---  grid.ExtendedColSizing := true;

--- End code ---

There is also a ExtendedRowSizing but it's not currently enabled as it has not been tested, if you need it I will enable it ASAP.

Column sizing works like a charm!
So, I will not implement additional functionality - and rebuild Lazarus, if I'll need it desperately.
It was my main concern - do it myself, or rely on future Lazarus functionality.
BTW, why these properties separated from grid style Options?
Thank you, again, for poining me to the right direction!


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