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hi!has i said before i am a pretty noob programming..just doing this for th school.
I want to use lazarus to connect to a virtual data base machine wich uses sql. The data base uses Postgres. I already have a program wich should connect to the virtual machine, and i am sure this program works because it was made by a teacher and i already saw it work. but everytime i try to use i get an error 'can not load the PosgreSQL client. is it installed? (libpq.dylib)' i have the PostgreSQL client installed but i cannot locate the dynamic libraries. can some1 help me? i rly need this working.

Other info:
mac os version: Mac Os X 10.6.3
Lazarus version : beta
PostgreSQL version: 1.10.2

On a command prompt (terminal)

find / -name libpq.dylib

i have found libraries now. i copied them to the project directory but the same error appears :S

Are they in the PATH variable? Is the project directory in the PATH variable?

i copied them to the folder that contains the .lpi file of the lazarus project. isnt this what i should do? :X


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