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Hello everyone.

First of all I would like to thank the team for the great work!

I've been searching the forums, but was unable to find anything about this problem:
  = I have a TStringGrind with AutoEdit set to true
  = Edit a cell, then move focus to a different component
  = Sometimes(!) the cell editor would still remain active, even the caret will be there blinking.
  = Even if I delete this row programmatically, the editor will remain visible, containig the value for the deleted row

Lazarus beta
FPC version 2.4.0
SVN revision 22296
i386-darwin-carbon (beta)

The TStringGrid shows as "partially implemented" on carbon, but the same behaviour remains if I cross-complie the app for win32

As a workaround, I have assigned a custom cell editor.
Is this problem known? Should I file a bug report?

I think that the best would be if you file a bug report

sounds like this

Seems like it. As a workaround I use the following simple code before programmatically deleteing/moving the rows:

--- Code: ---if Assigned(MyGrid.Editor) then MyGrid.Editor.Visible := false;
--- End code ---


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