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Don't know if this can be of any help, but you could outsource the translation work.

Sites like e-lance and many others are full of professional translators who offer their services for a relatively small fee.

I'm saying this because I'd like to have an italian version, but definitely have no time to do the translation work myself :)


Any news from the development of the book. (English version).

They are working on the translation. It is taking more time then expected.

I think there is no e-book but wiki is full of informations for you. You can start here:

How to get the lazarusbook in english:
just use the url at the end of this text

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Blaise Magazine is making a summer deal available to all our subscribers.
If you purchase the newly published book (Lazarus the Complete Guide) we will include with it the following bonus items at no extra charge:
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- additional preinstalled component suites

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