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How to Buy the Lazarus Book

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Yes, see,8907.15.html


--- Quote from: felipemdc on May 02, 2010, 08:48:38 pm ---Following the announcement of the release of the Lazarus book some people asked about an easy way to buy it. After informing myself a little, I have found it and I would like to share this information.

Only if you live in Germany you can buy it in Amazon DE:

If you live somewhere else you can buy it in "Welt Des Buches":

If you are having trouble using this page in german, you can always use Google Translate:

And Similarly you can also buy the Free Pascal 2 Book in "Welt Des Buches":


--- End quote ---

I am really interested in it and I would like to get one. But I am living in China. Will the book have e-book edition? Can I read in on line in the future? How I wish it can be true!!


--- Quote from: qwert on September 20, 2010, 09:05:30 am ---It's seems that there is not English version now! :o

--- End quote ---

But we are working on it. My parts at least are almost finished. Hopefully until the end of the year it should be available, but may take longer for whatever random reasons that appear.

Hi, any information about the english edition of the Lazarus book? I'd like to buy it as soon as possible.


yes i would love it too if the publisher has an edition on Indonesian Language.......pls if anybody knows about the indonesian version, post it here.....

thanks in advance  ;)


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