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Following the announcement of the release of the Lazarus book some people asked about an easy way to buy it. After informing myself a little, I have found it and I would like to share this information.

Only if you live in Germany you can buy it in Amazon DE:

If you live somewhere else you can buy it in "Welt Des Buches":

If you are having trouble using this page in german, you can always use Google Translate:

And Similarly you can also buy the Free Pascal 2 Book in "Welt Des Buches":


Another option is to drop the publisher an email and she will send you an invoice with information how to pay via her bank.
Worked for me, enjoying the book right now.


This book is in German only? :'(

 :) probably we need to start sending mails to the publisher so they can see it will be a good bussiness to publish it in englis/spanish/etc.

Already work has started in Holland on an English translation of the book, so have patience an English Lazarus book is nearby.


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