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how to obtain mysqlclient.dll ?


- is mysqclient.dll to find anywhere ?

- probably,  I could  produce mysqlclient.dll  using  mysqlclient.lib  and
MS VC , but  I  haven't  got  MS VC  and  this would be like  "invention of radio" ,

- maybe is it possible to link lazarus.exe  with mysqlclient.lib statically - how ?

What version of mysql do you use? You could try and download the appropriate MySQL version, it most certainly will come with mysqlclient.dll

Same problem here  :(

I'm using MySQL 4.0.15nt and Lazarus 0.9.6 Win32 (Windows XP SP2).

When I install mysql components (lazarus\components\mysql\mysql4laz.lpk) I can not start Lazarus any more.

Error message appears: "This application has failed to start because mysqlclient.dll was not found. Re-installing the aplication may fix this problem."

I can not find mysqlclient.dll anywhere on my hard drive !?

MySQL works normaly with Delphi (through dbExpress) and PHP.

I'm very new with Lazarus so any help will be welcome !



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