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[SOLVED] LazReport inside a tab How to do?

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How can I view a LazReport report inside a Tab in a TNotebook or TPageControl or TTabControl?

Thank you very much in advance.

Connect the TfrReport.Preview property to a TfrPreview component which you have dropped into the corresponding page container.

When calling TfrReport.ShowReport it will use the Preview component linked to the TfrReport.Preview property instead of a stand alone preview.

Thank you, Jesusr.

I use Lazarus in both Windows and Linux Environments. I am using Lazarus version beta for windows 32.
I use lazreport 0.9.5

I don't have this component TfrPreview in any pallete. I look for this component in the web without success.

Can someone help me how can i install this TfrPreview?

Thank you very much again.

I read this topic and got interested in this preview component, too.

At first, I couldn't find it either, but... when I moved the mouse pointer on component pallete, from frDesigner (which appeared to be the last component on LazReport tab) slowly to the right -- another component icon appeared! That was it!

Now it is there, and I can't reproduce its dissapearence any more, not by uninstalling and reinstaling lazreport package.


I think that I understand now what it is. When you work on a data module instead of a form, then you don't see it.

This appearing with mouse movement, which I described in previous post, happens after switching from data module to a form.

TfrPreview descends from TPanel, so it is normal that it cannot be dropped on a data module.

Lazguy, see if this helps you.


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