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SimpleIPCServer how does it work?


I created 2 applications in one I placed TSimpleIPCServer component
an set Global to True and server id to computers IP on which he is runing.
Then in second application I placed TSimpleIPCClient and set ServerID same value as TSimpleIPCServer ServeID.

Then I run first server application and then client application. If I do it localy it is all right and client conects to my server aplication an I can send data but if I put my server on other computer in my lan (changing server id on bouth applications to that computer IP) client can not connect to server.

Some one know what to do

what os are you running on boths pcs ? is it windows ?

I ended up with a NamedPipe -

shows you how to build it , as i found SimpleIPC didnt work for me when i ran it between 2 applications on the same pc. ( same Application different objects/forms it works fine )

At first I have windows.

Then I just tryed NamedPypes.
And it worked localy on my computer with 2 diferent applications (one application server other client).

I created server :
FServer := TPipeServer.CreatePipeServer('', 'testit', True);

and then client
TPipeClient.Create('', 'testit')

If I put server on diferent computer how I would need to connect to him.

Is it
FServer := TPipeServer.CreatePipeServer(computer_IP, 'testit', True);

TPipeClient.Create(server_computer_IP, 'testit')

I am realy inexperiencedd in these thing

I would recommend using sockets instead of IPC. It might work on some platforms over LAN, but it's probably not designed to do that. IPC is mostly process communication on the local host


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