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ZVDateTimePicker flicker and not show the calendar

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I found a workaround.
If you overwrite zvdatetimepicker.pas with the file attached to this message, you can use it with this mornings snapshot. I won't apply this in the ZVDateTimePicker distribution for now, until I see what will happen with svn.

I noticed that two bugs are there in new svn that caused ZVDateTimePicker's buggy behaviour.

1. The form's OnDeactivate event is called immidiately when the form shows on screen. The simple workaround is to move the assignment of this event to another part of code.

2. Setting form's ShowInTaskbar property to stNever causes the form to hang. I just removed the line which sets it from the code. This is okay in windows, as default form's behaviour is not to appear in taskbar.

This is what I did in file attached to my previous post. You can use it with todays Lazarus snapshot.

perfect working again.  overwrite zvdatetimepicker.pas

thanks for all


--- Quote from: luk2009 on April 21, 2010, 05:57:33 am ---perfect working again.  overwrite zvdatetimepicker.pas

thanks for all

--- End quote ---

You are welcome.
Anyway, I tested this morning with new snapshot (rev. 24772) and the bugs in svn seem to be fixed since yesterday.


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