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Compiled console application doesn't scroll down


I have this problem and I have no idea what is wrong. My compiled console application doesn't scroll down when a lot of stuff must be written out (writeln();). Instead it just overwrites everything so it would fit on the screen. This wasn't happening with old 1.0.6 compiler. When I compile with the newest one, 2.4.0 - that thing happens.

Here is my code:

Remove Crt from your uses clause (it registers a video driver that's incompatible with standard console behavior), use Video unit to manipulate cursor position.

But then nothing works... ClrScr, TextColor, Readkey, GotoXY and other stuff.

It can still be done though Keyboard and Video units, though the way will be very different. For example, ReadKey is roughly the same as GetKeyEventChar(TranslateKeyEvent(GetKeyEvent)). You may want to wrap this in a function to ease calling.
See the docs of relevant units below:


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