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Hi Motaz and everybody else here

I am trying to use your Free Spider to port existing Turbo Pascal and Delphi programs to run under HostGator Linux web server. I am running Lazarus on Windows XP and it seems to work for Windows. Questions:

1) How do I cross compile to Linux on my Windows XP?

2) I can run Ubuntu on this machine. If I cannot cross compile from Windows XP, would downloading Lazarus for Ubuntu and uploading to the Linux webserver on HostGator be the solutino? Would that be the recommended route or would it be equally possible to run everything on Windows XP and cross compile from there (see question No. 1 above)?

3) Could you please produce a step by step, paint by numbers manual for compiling, cross compiling, uploading and running the Hello, world program starting with Lazarus on my machine and seeing it execute in my web browser from the web server?

Because both Lazarus and FreeSpider look very good, but I do not have the time to reinvent the wheel here...

Hello fenderlaz
I'm not using cross compilation, and I don't know how to do it, sorry.
But I'm developing my web applications here at Work using Vista, the I reboot and enter by Ubuntu (Dual-boot), then I recompile the same source code without any modification, (Except for project options/output directory).

I already has a manual, about FreeSpider in my home page, but this manual suppose that the programmer already know about web applications. It is standard CGI application, so that it is standard steps to make this FreeSpider CGI application can work, The same like Delphi's WebBroker CGI application.

If you can cross-compile normal Lazarus application, then you could do it with FreeSpider, and if you success on that, you can write it in a documentation beside step by step Hello world application deployment and I'll put your document in FreeSpider homepage. This is an open source project, any one can participate.
Looking forward to hear your news.

btw. Did you mentioned Turbo Pascal, did you have a CGI web applications written in Turbo Pascal?


Hi Motaz

Thank you very much for your answer.

I'll try to recompile on Ubuntu and upload to the HostGator webserver and see what happens. If I succeed, I'll make documentation about it!

Ok, I'll be happy of supporting and helping on making success Lazarus and also FreeSpider case studies.


--- Quote ---How do I cross compile to Linux on my Windows XP?
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---I recompile the same source code without any modification, (Except for project options/output directory)
--- End quote ---
I don't even have to. Lazarus macros helped a lot.


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