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A unit i made... Called FFU[updated]

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captian jaster:
Ok.. ill make a a new bundle including the source after i fix a few things.

captian jaster:
Now Version 2.24

Heres the whole Procedure\Function list.

--- Code: ---Function EditFileName(const OFileName:String; NFileName:String):Boolean;
Function DirInUse:String;
Function GetFileAttr(const FilePath:String):LongInt;
Procedure RemoveFile(const FilePath:String);
Function ReadFile(var FileVar:TextFile):String;
Procedure CheckDir(const PathName:String);
Procedure CheckFile(const FilePath:String);
Procedure CreateFile(var FileVar:TextFile; const InFile:String);
Procedure EditFile(var FileVar:TextFile; const InFile: String);

--- End code ---
Read the About/Help for how to use and more info...
Any C/C would be nice :)
DL now attached.


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