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system tray balloon notification


useing windows xp

I can't seem to get the balloon notification function of ttryicon to appear.

I can get a left click to bring up a menu
a hover brings up the hint but it's always behind the task bar
with a right click I'd like to bring up the balloon tip but right now I can only do things like the trayicon example
does bring up a dialog etc.

1) Is there a way to get the hint to appear in front of the taskbar?
2) how to I call the built in balloon tip in ttrayicon?



1) to get the balloon tip to fire use the command ttrayicon.showballoonhint; you will have to program your own timer to get the balloon to close as there's a known bug in the lcl

here's a code snip....

procedure Tform.systrayClick(Sender: TObject);
if systray_click = true then

     systray_click := false;
     systray_balloon_timer.enabled := true;



procedure Tform.systray_balloon_timerTimer(Sender: TObject);

     systray_click := true;
     systray_balloon_timer.enabled := false;


2)to get the hints from behind the toolbar I cheated and did this

ttrayicon..hint := 'my ultra cool hint' + chr(13) + chr (10);

that raised the hint above the taskbar from behind it.


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