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I need some help with with fcl-xml/xpath



Whenever I try to use EvaluateXPathExpression, I wind up with a SIGSEGV. I have done my homework and there is a similar report from 2007,

Are there some examples of its use out there? Googling has not shown any.
I don't mind some other libraries if they are more uptodate. The dates in the xpath source go back to 2003, but I can't be sure if there have been some updates over the years.

--- Code: ---procedure TutilitiesInterfaceForm.btnTestXPathClick(Sender: TObject);
  XML: TXMLDocument;
  pathString: string;
  xpathValue: TXPathVariable;
  strStream: TStringStream;
  strStream := TStringStream.Create(mmoXML.Text);
  ReadXMLFile(XML, strStream);
  pathString := edtXPath.Text;
  //xpathValue := TXPathVariable.Create;
  xpathValue := EvaluateXPathExpression(pathString, XML);
  edtXPathResult.Text := xpathValue.AsText;

--- End code ---


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