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Wanted: permanent or contract developers for a new project



The company I work for is called Master Maths. We are a franchise business and based in South Africa. We primarily produce computer based training for Maths and Science, and have been in business since 1976. Our Head Office has a staff complement of just over 30 people, and we are located in Somerset West, 40km outside Cape Town.

We want to broaden our product range, and will be starting a new project soon (a few months time). We are looking for Object Pascal developers with good OOP (Object Oriented Programming) and Software Design skills. The developer(s) will start the project from scratch, and I will simply oversee the development progress.

We are looking for permanent staff, but will accept contract programmers developing over the internet as well (no matter the country you are based in).

If you are interested in working with Master Maths, please send me a private email (, so that we can contact you closer to the time. Further enquiries are welcome, but only via private email.

  - Graeme -

Master Maths Head Office


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