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TButton.onExit event not fired and Tlabel behaviour


I want to change the color of a TButton to show it has focus.
In Onenter I set the color to e.g. clLime
In OnExit I revert the color to clBtnFace

On Pocket-PC ok, but on smartphone, OnEnter fires, OnExit does not.

A Tlabel on a form jumps to position 0,0. Setting the caption in code does not work on both pocket-pc and smartphone.

Tested on Laz 0.9.29 rev 24092 fpc 2.4.1 and emulators 5.0, 6.1 and 6.5


Hello, I was travelling, so I did see this before, now I will check this, but it's better if you report in the bug tracker.

I am way to uncertain about bugs. Usually I made a mistake myself and I hate to pollute the bugtracker with non-issues....



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