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Is Lazarus good choice?

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Hi all Lazarus and FPC experts,
I have to rewrite some database application written in Visual FoxPro. There are about 1000 screen forms and 600 raports, so the application is rather complex. The new application should work in a client/server architecture.
After having studied some IDE (Delphi, Visual Studio, Lazarus) I am almost ready to run a risk and choose Lazarus + Firebird, but unfortunately I do not know will Lazarus and FPC come true in such complex software project? It looks to be mature, but may be some of you has developed more complex applications in Lazarus and would be so kind to share his experiences and remarks.  
Thanks in advance.  

Hi George,

If I were on your place I would create a small application in Lazarus to see if you have any problems with some components, some code and so on. Especially the reporting part.

For Delphi you have excellent Fast Reports package, I don't know if something like this exists for FPC. But for FPC you could probably use Crystal Reports ActiveX controls.

If you want to go cross platform FPC is NO. 1 choice but if you want to stay on Windows I would chose the Delphi. I don't want to disencourage you to use FPC but IMHO there is still a lot to do in terms of bugs here and there. Guys from FPC\Lazarus are doing a great job, bug fixing is so damn quick here  :) but some bugs exists and sometime you may end up waiting for fixing particular bug.

Delphi is not bug free either but I am developing 4-5 years now those kind applications that you have mentioned and had no problems with bugs in this area. Of course Delphi is not free while Lazarus is!

But the most important question is: why do you want to rewrite your application? If it is stable, your clients are happy I can not find any good reason for doing this.




--- Quote ---For Delphi you have excellent Fast Reports package, I don't know if something like this exists for FPC. But for FPC you could probably use Crystal Reports ActiveX controls.
--- End quote ---
You already have LazReport when you install Lazarus, it's just not included in the IDE by default.

Hi Wodzu,
Thanks for your suggestions. As an owner of CodeGear RAD studio 2009 proffesional I considered Delphi. But ... 1. It is only for Windows platform. 2. Embarcadero politics concerning this product is strange for me. For example in CodeGear RAD studio 2007 one could write and app for .NET simply choosing appropiate type o project, but in 2009 strange package PRISM was introduced that is a mix of Visual Studio 2008 and something else. What's more new releases of CodeGear RAD and its components are launched with a light speed and it is difficult not only to keep pace with paying but also with studying new functionalities.
As to the VFP... Micrososft announced that it stoped to develope VFP and will support this product up to 2015. So it is rather necessary to begin transferring applications from VFP.
I am really affraid of errors in Lazarus and limitations of the report creator (RazReport) so is why I asked the question. Thanks once more.



CodeGear's policy about the .NET is in my opinion a correct policy right now. They made a VERY big mistake incorporating .NET into the Delphi and they payed for it a big price.
They simply could not keep up with each new release of .NET by Microsoft.
Now they separated .NET from the Delphi and you can install it under VS IDE.

I do not know if you are aware of this but Delphi now is going cross platform once again, they are currently working on Mac platform. I do not know how well they do it, I think this is a key point of Delphi existance. But when they bring up Delphi 2011 you probably could upgrade your version of Delphi for a half price.

It is a hard choice. I suggest you, install LazReport, install a good package for DBComponents (does Zeos supports Firebird?) spend few days for and test features.

As goes for a bugs, they are solved very quickly I can say you that from my experience. But I am a beginner with Lazarus too.


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