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Hey there, was just wondering if there was a way to make the IDE like Delphi (Classic) .. I've gotten everything pretty much (down to F6 being window switch, Alt - F3 being window close, etc), using the custom shortcut keys window.. But, I can't seem to find one for deleting a block of selected text (I want it to be Ctrl - Delete, like the old classic style) .. Thanks for your help!

Why use Ctrl-Delete for this?
If you have the block selected, just hit Delete, it'll be deleted. :)

I do anyway, but it's all based off habit.  I had Delphi set to IDE Classic Key Mappings, and well, Ctrl-Delete is delete a selection (back in the Borland Pascal age, it was Ctrl-Delete as well) .. I keep finding myself pressing Ctrl-Delete, and just saying, it would be most helpful if Lazarus could do the same.  (Besides, it would add that much more customization to the already wonderful customization as it is. :wink: )

Keymapping -> Text Editing -> Delete Char at cursor

That does work, but then I can't delete normally.. I use both Delete and Ctrl-Delete (for Selection), classic style.. There's no real way, 'cause I tried using the secondary key as Ctrl-Delete and the normal as just Delete, and it didn't except that, it thought it was the 'same keypress' so it just stayed with the delete.. Thanks for trying anyway.  :)


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