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postnuke theme for this site.


I like the postnuke theme used on this site. Is it possible you can make it available for download? and possibly announce it at ?

It's just a modified version of the readily available ICE theme. I think that was the name of it.  :?

I changed the colors and added the Pascal specific iconic features.  I have also done some things with the theme that make it specific to the Lazarus site which doesn't lend it self to a vanillla theme install. :?

hmm, a quick search on didn't show anything called ICE. maybe you need to refresh your memory ;)  you sure you didn't write the theme yourself ;)

I had to go back through my notes to confirm it for myself. It wasn't Ice it was Icey. You should be able to google for it. In any event here is to links to sites that have it.


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