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I'd like to know if it is possible to use different GTK themes under Windows.

So first I need to build Lazarus with the GTK widgetset, then I'll be able to compile my application with GTK... but can we choose a gtk theme ? (for instance download one from, or and then use it in my application).
So if it was possible then I could make a "Skin Chooser" in the option settings in my application  8).


Yes it is posible, some time when we worked with mono (use GTK2) we could change the themes with the program "gtk theme chooser" (i hope don't be wrong with the name).

There exists one file (i dont remember the name) in the user profile that save the theme in use

I confirm it's possible.

I used Pidgin and GIMP on Windows for years, and they use GTK2. I remember Pidgin installed some themes you can select from Pidgin itself or using the GTK+ configuration utility.

Looking on the Internet I find this paper: Using GTK Themes for GIMP on Win32 Systems. May be it's useful.

Thanks a lot both of you  :) ! I'll use GTK configuration utility, that's what I was looking for.


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