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MyDbfStudio - New Admin tool to manage your dbase tables

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Hi boys,
I just put online the site of my open source admin tool for dbase tables: MyDbfStudio.

It was entirely written under lazarus and the main features are:

* You can work with multiple tables at once, in mdi forms.
* You can directly add, modify or delete data.
* You can view deleted data.
* You can create, empty, delete, change or restructure a table.
* You can create, delete or modify any index on table.
* You can add or substract two tables.
* You can directly export data in the following formats: CSV, HTML, XLS, DBF or XML.
* It works on Windows, Linux and all platforms capable of running Lazarus.
In the program source code, you'll find everything you need to compile MyDbf Studio on your favorite OS.
MyDbf Studio is a project open to all those who want to participate in any way.

More information and download at:

I hope you enjoy my work :-[ :-[ :-[

ps. Sorry for my bad english    :(

Looks great for a 0.1 version.
Hope the next version can also edit memo fields.
One thing you forgot to translate is the button in the Info screen, it still says 'Chiudi' instead of 'Close'.
But this is one more program to show what can be done with Lazarus and FPC, great job!


Likewise as JanRosa said, good work, keep it up.  ;) ;D


Looks nice and complete project. You should increase the version number, like 0.9 for example instead of 0.1

Thanks to all :D :D :D :D

Within a few days I correct buttons that display text in Italian.
I am very pleased that my program you like, if you have any suggestions or criticisms, please let me know.

I've just finished of testing MyDbfStudio on a live slackware 32 bit, under KDE... I simply extract the zip file on desktop and launch the application and... It works perfectl !!!! In a few days I will insert the screenshot on site of MyDbfStudio...

Ciaooo  :D


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