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WINCE Form Scrolling problem


Hi i have a problem with form scrolling. On a empty form (640X480) place some controls that are outside of 320X240  bounds . Set form AutoScroll := True and compile.
Try to move the scrolls, they behave erratic, what i am doing wrong?

I have attached an example. For testing i am using Microsoft WM 5 Device Emulator Pocket PC 320X240.

Please help, thanks a lot.

Please, if anyone can test this before i summit a bug report. It will only take 1 minute.
Thank you.

Nicola Gorlandi:
I wrote a bug ( about the wrong behaviour of the scrollbox

yes, and it's 1 year old already :-(

I tried setting autoscroll to false and autosize to true to see what would happen but setting autosize for the form to true hangs the ide.


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