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--- Quote from: carli on April 07, 2010, 01:59:45 pm ---than, any german could translate it to english (dosen't has to be good, just as a script) and then, each person in the forum can translate this into his own mother tongue and publish it

--- End quote ---

The Dutch Pascal user group is rumoured to be preparing a English version of the book, in cooperation with the German publisher. (no dates given yet)

a soft copy version would be a better idea than a book, saves a lot of paper that way.

I don't agree, I really like to sit in the sun with a beer and a good - paper - book to read.
Just received the book and although reading English is easier I'm impressed with the book.
A very good and complete book that's almost a must for Lazarus users.


I like the fact that the Dutch are rumored to be doing a translation. The Dutch often have a fluency in English that surpasses native born English speakers what with their knowledge of German it doesn't get much better than that.

It's not a rumor, they are working on it, although I don't know how far they are. I am translating my chapters. I started with the Threads chapter and about 50% could be copied from my original english texts. Now I started with the stuff which is original in german and the work is a lot more then I thought ...

About easy way to buy the book, only for those in Germany you can buy in Amazon DE:

For people from other countries you can buy it here:

I'll also start a new thread to make this information available in the Lazarus news page


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